K-1…..14 Minute Halves…Girl’s ball for all
2-5…..16 Minute Halves…Girl’s ball for all
6-8…..18 Minute Halves…Girl’s: Girl’s Ball  Boys: Boy’s Ball
9-12…..18 Minute Halves…Girl’s: Girl’s Ball  Boys: Boy’s Ball

Games will feature a running clock.  The clock will stop during technical fouls and injury time outs.  The clock will stop the final 2 minutes of the 2nd half unless a team has a 20 point lead.   Officials may stop the clock at their discretion.

                                                        SPECIFIC RULES

  1. All parents and coaches must sign a roster/waiver to participate.
  2. Players must be in their current grade (division) or below. 
  3. No pressing in 3rd grade until the final 2 minutes of each half.  Teams may “pick up” at half court at other times.  No pressing if lead is 20 or more.  If a division is combined (i.e. 3rd and 4th) rules for the older division will be utilized.
  4. Each team is allowed (3) Timeouts per game.
  5. No pressing with a 20 point or more lead in any division.
  6. Game time is forfeit time unless the director approves a delay.
  7. Jerseys must be of matching color and contain at least a number on back.
  8. OVERTIME:  2 Minutes, clock stops in final minute.  1 timeout per team.  NO CARRYOVER TIMEOUTS. Overtimes will continue until we have a winner.
  9. Each team must provide an adult scorekeeper at the score table.
  10. Divisions may be combined at the Tournament Director’s discretion.
  11. All games will be officiated by State Certified Officials.
  12. Good sportsmanship is expected from all coaches and spectators.  Hoops Midwest reserves the right to remove unruly spectators from facilities without refund.
  13. Any coach receiving multiple technical fouls may be removed from the tournament at director’s discretion.  Players receiving multiple technical will be suspended for 1 game.
  14. Medals will be awarded to all division winners and 2nd place teams. 3rd place medals will be awarded on a case by case basis.
  15. Tiebreakers in order:  1. Head to head Point differential (+/-15 max per game).  3.  Defensive points allowed. A coin flip may be used when determining seeds in the event of a three way tie.
  16. All rules regarding play not addressed herein shall be according to NFHS Rules.



It is our intention to provide a quality event for your players.

Please direct questions to Mike Edwards or Steve Reith.